In this interview, we are continuing our series of highlighting specific classes available at the Center for Musical Arts. Discover more about the classes we are offering this summer! Watch the interview or read the transcript below.

Center for Musical Arts: Hi, I’m Erica Reid. I’m the Marketing Manager for the Center for Musical Arts, and today we’re talking to Max Mondzac who will be running a few of our Summer Mini-Camps. How are you doing, Max?

Max Mondzac: Hi, I’m doing great.

Center: So, we have a variety of sort of introductory summer camps for different instruments and you are teaching both beginning guitar and beginning ukulele. Can you tell me what those classes will feel like? Kind of what the structure is about and who they’re for?

Max: Sure. So yeah, it’s a very hands-on camp. We’re going to be playing from the minute we get there, learning all about the instrument. We’re going to be learning some easy songs. We’re going to be checking out some music theory, scales, of course, really everything you need to know to build a solid foundation with the instrument, really start to flourish with it.

Center: Would this be a good class for me to take if I’ve never touched a guitar before, but I’m just interested in it?

Max: Absolutely. Yeah, these camps will be small groups so if you’ve never touched a guitar, that is perfect. We’ll start you right off. If you’ve been playing for a while, it’s also totally fine. Again, it’s a small group and we can cater to your specific needs and interests. 

Center: Okay, and give me an idea of the age range we’re talking about because I’m not going to attend the summer camp… these are more for older kids, I believe?

Max: Right. Right. So, for the [ukulele] camp, we’re going to be an 8-[10] [years old], we’re going to have an 8-[10] session and then an 11-13 session. And then for the guitar camp, we’re going to have a 10-12 session and a 13-15 session.

Center: Great. So it sounds like these camps like you were saying, are really targeted for certain groups and really flexible so that whatever you come in wanting to learn, or whatever level you’re already in, you’re going to get an intense week of study.

Max: Absolutely. And another great thing about these camps too, is they’re very interactive and it’s a lot of fun to learn this way with a small group of people and to hang out and just have fun together. 

Center: And I believe these camps are taking place in person, so it may be a lot of people’s first chance to get back to their instruments in that group setting again.

Max: Absolutely. I’m excited for that as well, yeah.

Center: I think everybody is. [laughs] Okay. Well, is there anything else that we need to know about the Summer Mini-Camps?

Max: Nothing, other than that if you have questions please feel free to give me a call or send me an email and I’d be happy to answer any questions about it. 

Center: All right. Thanks so much, Max.

Max: Yep.

If you’re interested in attending a class or taking a lesson with Max, check out his faculty page. Get to know more about him in his Faculty Highlight interview.