What has changed due to COVID-19?

Most of our instruction has moved online and your favorite classes may or may not be available. Read all of our COVID-19 updates here.

Where are you located?

200 E. Baseline Road, Lafayette, CO 80026. Our building is located on the southeast corner of Harrison and Baseline Road, with our main door located on Harrison.

What is the best place for me to park?

Street parking is available on Harrison or on nearby blocks. 

Do you rent or sell musical instruments?

Yes! We rent instruments on a sliding scale to those who can’t afford to rent one. Interested in renting through us? Begin by filling out our financial assistance form. We do not sell instruments.

My child has a learning difference. Should I share this information with you?

Yes! It will help our Registrar pick the best teacher for your child’s needs, and will help the teacher understand how to give your child the best educational and musical experience. We are respectful of any privacy concerns you might have.

I haven’t played my instrument since high school. Where should I start?

It is never too late to return to music! If you are very rusty, we recommend taking a few lessons to warm up. You can also consider our Ensembles; our Ensembles require a few basic skills including being able to read music, play scales and the general knowledge of how to play the instrument.

Can I rent space at the Center?
Yes! Our space is available for rent — and your rental fees support our music-making! Visit the Facility Rental page to learn more.


How do I apply for financial aid?

The Center for Musical Arts is proud to offer financial assistance to any student who needs it. Financial assistance is need-based and allocated on the honor system (no “proof” required); simply fill out this form in order to get started.

How do I pay my tuition bill?

The simplest way to pay your bill is to access your online account (either by logging in directly or through your invoice). If you have received an invoice, you already have an account; your username is your email address. You may also pay by mailing a check or by stopping into the Student Services office.

Am I required to pay the entire amount of my invoice?

No. Payment plans are available through the Registrar, using automatic payments on a saved credit card. There is no additional charge for payment plans.

Can I buy lessons as a gift for someone else?

Yes. (And what a lovely idea!) Contact us and we will help you. You can either call the student services office or contact us here.


What is the difference between individual and group lessons?

Individual lessons are one-on-one. Group lessons are for two to four students who share similar ages, abilities, and learning goals. For example: two singers who want to learn duets or two violinists who are just beginning their lessons.

How do I sign up for new lessons?

Fill out our inquiry form. After a consultation, our registrar will match you or your child with one of our faculty members. See our Lessons & Classes: Youth page or our Lessons & Classes: Adults page for more information.

Can I sign up for a demo lesson to try out a new teacher?

The first three lessons are considered paid trial lessons. We are experts at matching students to music teachers! There is no penalty for switching to another teacher within the first three lessons, simply let us know.

Which instruments do you teach?

We teach every instrument except for bagpipes and organ. (Amazing, isn’t it?)

What is the Center’s approach to teaching?

Our teaching philosophy is grounded in student-centered, discovery learning. Our faculty is skilled and versatile, able to work with students of all ages and abilities. Music can be enriching at any level, and instructors are able to work with students whether informal, enrichment, or professional level goals are desired.

What is the Center’s policy on attendance, refunds, closures, etc.?

Please visit our Policies page for detailed answers to these questions.

What do lessons and classes cost?

Please visit our Tuition page for detailed answers to these questions.

At what age can my child start lessons? Are there different class and lesson options by age?

Please visit our Lessons and Classes: Youth page for detailed answers to these questions.

Classes & Ensembles

Can I try out a class or ensemble before deciding to join?

You can sign up for a demo or visit some classes for free the first time (Music Together, Music in Motion). You can also observe some ensembles already in progress before registering. Please contact us about the specific class or ensemble you are interested in.

Can I join a class or ensemble after it has started?

The answer depends on the group or ensemble and its availability. Reach out to the Student Services Office about the specific class or ensemble you are interested in. 

How do I sign up for classes or an ensemble?
The easiest way to sign up for classes is through the website. Some ensembles require faculty approval; please complete this interest form and we will get back to you.

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