Lisamarie Windwalker is passionate about teaching students of all ages and abilities. “Being a conduit for vibration inspires me to pass forward the almost 40 years of incredible musical experiences and gifts to my students. I have witnessed many students over the past 30+ years of teaching learn to become conduits of vibration, play music from the heart and find their center of being through music. This vocation brings me joy beyond expression!” Lisamarie is filled with inspiration and wonders when students – whether they are beginners or advanced – have an ‘Ahhh-HA’ moment.

Realizing that every mind and body is unique, she utilizes a variety of teaching methods, such as the Inner Game of Music, the Suzuki Method, and traditional methods, from her vast experience of teaching students from ages 5 to 80. Her purpose as a teacher is to openly offer guidance, encouragement, understanding, and skill that will aid students in the cultivation of the love of music, whatever age or ability they may be. “If, after our time together, the students dance their lives awake with music and joy, I will feel that I have served their lives in the best way possible.”

Bachelor of Music from Temple University; Suzuki Music Therapy Certificate from the Academy of Children’s Music (PA). Principal Teachers: Murray Panitz (Principal Flute, Philadelphia Orchestra); David Cramer (Associate Principal Flute, Philadelphia Orchestra); Mark Sparks (Principal Flute, St. Louis Symphony); Suzanella Noble (Soloist).
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