Updated May 13, 2022

  • We require that non-vaccinated individuals wear a mask inside our building
  • Mask-wearing is recommended for any vaccinated person
  • We require all faculty and staff members to be vaccinated for Covid-19

On May 13, 2022, the Boulder County Health Department updated their health and safety guidelines, transitioning the county to COVID Community Level Medium (Orange), following CDC Guidelines. 

The Center for Musical Arts is requiring all faculty and staff members to be vaccinated for Covid-19. We are also encouraging all students to be vaccinated as well. (Of course, we respect exceptions for health, religious, or age eligibility reasons.) 

Due to the number of children that we teach, the Center for Musical Arts is recommending masks within the building and masks are required for any non-vaccinated person.

As always, our plans are developed with student and faculty safety in mind. We are trying to balance all the scientific advice with what we can practically achieve while still making music together. We urge our students to carefully weigh your own risk factors when deciding if you are able to take lessons in person, and if not, sign up for lessons online. You can email Kathy Kucsan, Education Director, at kathyk@comusic.org if you have questions or concerns.