The Center for Musical Arts is proud of all of its students! Matthew studies piano with Nancy McNeill. Begin your own musical journey on our Lessons page, and watch or read our interview with Matthew below. 

Center for Musical Arts: Okay. What is your name?

Matthew: My name is Matthew.

Center: How old are you?

Matthew: I’m seven.

Center: What instrument do you play?

Matthew: The piano.

Center: Okay. And who’s your teacher?

Matthew: Miss McNeill.

Center: Why did you choose the piano?

Matthew: Because my mom made me choose an instrument because she wanted me to play music.

Center: She wanted you to play music?

Matthew: Yeah.

Center: What made you choose the piano out of all the other instruments?

Matthew: My sister helped me choose it.

Center: Your sister helped me choose it?

Matthew: Yeah.

Center: How long have you been playing the piano?

Matthew: One year.

Center: One year? What do you like about the piano?

Matthew: The damper pedals on the bottom.

Center: The pedals on the bottom? What’s your favorite thing about music?

Matthew: It’s that there are different kinds of instruments.

Center: Yeah. Is there anything you want to say to other kids like you who might want to play the piano?

Matthew: Make sure that your right hand is on the middle C or the C in front of it.

Center: Oh, okay! Thank you so much, Matthew.

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