Updated May 21, 2021

On May 16, Boulder County moved to Covid-19 Level Clear status, which will remain in effect through August 16. We are so excited to be able to respond in the ways described below.

The Center for Musical Arts is requiring all faculty and staff members to be vaccinated for Covid-19. We are also encouraging all students to be vaccinated as well. Of course, we respect exceptions for health, religious, or age eligibility reasons.

There have been many concerns and potential dangers about singing in groups and playing wind instruments in close proximity to others. The CDC recommends that if people are vaccinated, groups can resume choral rehearsals in person. The information about wind instrument is not as specific, but since the disease is airborne (and not transmitted via aerosols as previously thought), with proper ventilation, air movement, and air filtration, playing in bands is possible again.

Masks and social distancing: Boulder County Health and the City of Lafayette have removed mandatory mask requirements indoors for vaccinated people. Because the Center has a wide range of student ages, we will continue to require masks in certain situations (described below). Social distancing requirements are also relaxed for people who are vaccinated.

There are many different circumstances happening at the Center as lessons, classes, and ensembles return in-person.

If you are…

…a vaccinated Center student over the age of 12: you may take in-person lessons without a mask, if you and your teacher agree to this

…an unvaccinated Center student of any age: you and your teacher should be masked for in-person lessons

…an unvaccinated Center student under the age of 12: you and your teacher should be masked for in-person lessons; you may wish to continue with virtual lessons

…a vaccinated member of a Center ensemble: if the director and ensemble members are in agreement, rehearsals may be conducted without masks. If ANY member of the ensemble is unvaccinated, masks must be worn and social distancing observed

…attending a recital, event, or other gathering and there may be unvaccinated people in the room (especially kids): everyone should be masked

As always, our plans are developed with student and faculty safety in mind. You can email Kathy Kucsan, Education Director, at kathyk@comusic.org if you have questions or concerns.