Financial Assistance

What is the Heartstrings program?

In keeping with the Center’s philosophy of offering music instruction to every student regardless of financial circumstance, we offer need-based tuition assistance and access to low or no-cost musical instrument rental. If you cannot afford to rent an instrument from a music store, talk to us about renting through our Heartstrings program.

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Instrument Bank

The Center’s Instrument Bank is a collection of 300+ band and orchestra instruments, as well as keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, and drum sets, which are available for rent at low or no cost to local students and families who may not be able to pay the standard cost of rental through music stores. Interested in renting through our Instrument Bank? Begin by filling out our instrument rental request form.

Note: Costs of instrument maintenance and repair are supported through donations and in-kind gifts. To support this important work, donate now.

Who can receive financial assistance?

The short answer: anyone can request financial assistance through the Center’s Heartstrings program! Financial assistance is need-based, not merit-based (i.e. not a scholarship program) and anyone, at any age, is able to request assistance. Heartstrings provides 100% tuition assistance for veterans, as well as for Dreamers through the “I Have a Dream” Foundation.

How does financial assistance work?

Financial assistance is not permanent and is reviewed per term. Assistance is capped at 50% of tuition, with most awards being 10-20%, and are dependent on the Center’s resources (Heartstrings is completely funded by donations). The application process is simple and goes by the honor system (i.e. no “proof” of need is required).

How to apply

To apply, simply fill out our Financial Assistance Inquiry Form

Donate to the Heartstrings program

Heartstrings relies on donations from music lovers like you in order to continue supporting its students of all ages, abilities, and circumstances. Support us here.

Besides the always-welcome donations, how can individuals help support the Heartstrings program? According to Education Director Kathy Kucsan, the Center is always accepting donations of any band/orchestra instrument, as well as guitars, drum sets, ukuleles, and electronic keyboards. (The Center regifts donated pianos to families who cannot afford to buy one.) The Center is also grateful to those who donate time — including those who step up to move pianos and clean and repair instruments.