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Our 2022-23 Concert Series

The Center for Musical Arts’ exciting concert series celebrates musical excellence and an expansive mix of musical genres — all in our welcoming and intimate performance space.

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6 Reasons to Study Music with Us

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A world-class community music school — and more!

Sure, we have exceptional faculty who can teach you or your child how to play violin, but we also believe in the value of all types of music, the inclusion of every student, and the power of community.

Individual Music Lessons

We offer lessons on all instruments (except for bagpipes and organ) and voice for all ages.

Your Child’s Musical Journey

Our music lessons and classes grow with your kiddo from birth to… forever!

Make Music With Us

Dust off your trumpet, sing with friends, play with jazz musicians, join a choir, and more. Play music with your community.

Music For the Young Ones

It’s proven: music education at any age provides numerous benefits — and it’s also tons of fun. We offer musical experiences for kids of all ages, even newborns! Just don’t blame us when you wake up to them practicing their violin early on Saturday morning.

Summer Camps and Classes for Kids

Summer should be all about fun in the sun, pool parties, and violin lessons. Slather up that sunscreen and see what musical hijinx we’re diving into this summer.

Music Lessons and Classes For Adults

Do you have a French horn gathering dust in your closet? Have you always felt drawn to the piano but have never tried a lesson? No matter your level of musical experience, you’re in the right place. Join a band, sing in a choir, or start those piano lessons today!

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In a New Key: Stories from the Center 

Faculty Highlight: Rachel Fetler

Faculty Highlight: Rachel Fetler

Meet voice and piano instructor Rachel Fetler, who also teaches the Center’s Kids’ Choir class and works on the administrative side of the organization as Student Services and Operations Associate. 

Should I Learn to Read Music? Understanding Music Literacy

Should I Learn to Read Music? Understanding Music Literacy

Kathy Kucsan, Education Director  Learning to read music is generally an important part of learning to play an instrument, at least in our current western culture. It often surprises people to learn that most of the world uses the aural tradition to share and pass...

Faculty Highlight: Shaun Diaz

Faculty Highlight: Shaun Diaz

The Center for Musical Arts has a variety of talented teachers. In this interview we spoke with cello instructor Shaun Diaz about how he uses a wide array of repertoire to help his students develop creativity and self-expression.     Center for Musical Arts:...

Colorado Gives Day 2022

Colorado Gives Day 2022

Support the Center for Musical Arts and the Heartstrings Program on Colorado Gives Day For over 20 years, the Center for Musical Arts’ Heartstrings program has been providing need-based tuition assistance and access to low- or no-cost musical instruments for students...

Faculty Highlight: Becca Kronyak

Faculty Highlight: Becca Kronyak

The Center for Musical Arts has a variety of talented teachers. In this interview we spoke with saxophone instructor Becca Kronyak about her firm belief that music is for everyone, and how she brings that belief into her music lessons.   Center for Musical Arts:...

How to Bring a Bass Drum Back to Life

How to Bring a Bass Drum Back to Life

Photograph: Tom Pederson at a Community Band performance Center for Musical Arts faculty are known for going above and beyond the call of duty. For example, Community Band Director Tom Pederson recently took up the task of refurbishing the Center's bass drum, which...

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