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Exploring Music (ages 3-5)

This interactive experience leads students to discover singing, movement, classroom instruments, and making music with others. Saturdays from 10–10:45 am.

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6 Reasons to Study Music with Us

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A world-class community music school — and more!

Sure, we have exceptional faculty who can teach you or your child how to play violin, but we also believe in the value of all types of music, the inclusion of every student, and the power of community.

Individual Music Lessons

We offer lessons on all instruments (except for bagpipes and organ) and voice for all ages.

Your Child’s Musical Journey

Our music lessons and classes grow with your kiddo from birth to… forever!

Make Music With Us

Dust off your trumpet, sing with friends, play with jazz musicians, join a choir, and more. Play music with your community.

Music For the Young Ones

It’s proven: music education at any age provides numerous benefits — and it’s also tons of fun. We offer musical experiences for kids of all ages, even newborns! Just don’t blame us when you wake up to them practicing their violin early on Saturday morning.

Summer Camps and Classes for Kids

Summer should be all about fun in the sun, pool parties, and violin lessons. Slather up that sunscreen and see what musical hijinx we’re diving into this summer.

Music Lessons and Classes For Adults

Do you have a French horn gathering dust in your closet? Have you always felt drawn to the piano but have never tried a lesson? No matter your level of musical experience, you’re in the right place. Join a band, sing in a choir, or start those piano lessons today!

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In a New Key: Stories from the Center 

Summer ’22 Reads: 4 Musical Books You’ll Love

Summer ’22 Reads: 4 Musical Books You’ll Love

Kathy Kucsan, Education Director Summer Reads: A Pianist’s Memoir, A World of Sound, How Music Works, and a Violin Mystery “Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.” This is a quote that has been attributed to a variety of people, from Frank Zappa to...

Student Spotlight: Harp Student Greta Richardson

Student Spotlight: Harp Student Greta Richardson

Today we are shining a spotlight on harp student Greta Richardson, who was nominated by her instructor of 10 years, Carolyn Kuban. Please tell us about your music lesson history with the Center for Musical Arts. Greta: I have distant but fun memories of doing several...

9 Reasons Why We Quit Music Lessons (& Why We Should Keep Going!)

9 Reasons Why We Quit Music Lessons (& Why We Should Keep Going!)

Dr. Kathy KucsanEducation Director I have heard variations of this comment dozens (and dozens) of times over the years: “I wish I’d never quit piano. It feels like I gave up on myself.”“I wish my parents had never let me quit violin.”“I wish I could still play...

Spring/Summer 2022 Covid Protocols

Spring/Summer 2022 Covid Protocols

Updated May 13, 2022 We require that non-vaccinated individuals wear a mask inside our building Mask-wearing is recommended for any vaccinated person We require all faculty and staff members to be vaccinated for Covid-19 On May 13, 2022, the Boulder County Health...

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