Boulder and surrounding cities have consistently received accolades for livability, cultural offerings, and quality of life. While this positive feedback is uplifting, the richness of these offerings in our community and the positive impact they make cannot entirely be measured by data. A vibrant arts community such as ours seems more measurable by the vastness of the arts ecosystem consisting of visiting and resident artists, patrons, enthusiasts, and participants; all individuals contributing in some way to make up a multi-faceted and diverse assemblage of beautiful experiences.

Like autumn itself, the magnificent end of each Colorado Music Festival season ushers in a period of rebirth and the commencement of musical activities from our talented musical friends, colleagues, and organizations such as Boulder Bach Festival, Boulder Phil, CU College of Music, the resident arts groups of the Dairy Arts Center, and others. These offerings sustain me through the bittersweet period in between Festivals while I plan and recharge for another return to the warmth, resonance, and camaraderie of the summer.

Meanwhile, the Center for Musical Arts bustles with energy as it kicks off a new school year. Rooted in the mindful ethics of the Center’s founders, Kathy Kucsan and Peggy Bruns, it never fails to open its doors to an enthusiastic new batch of young beginners and adults and to members of the community of all backgrounds and abilities, ensuring access to music is always available despite any person’s financial, physical, or social challenges. 

It is truly an honor to play a part in providing these life-changing opportunities for others alongside the talented and dedicated members of our staff. In that spirit, the Festival and Center staff and I are inspired to present a series of “Spotlights,” each highlighting valuable members of our musical ecosystem, whose quiet contributions are making significant impacts on others’ quality of life.

As always, the final piece of the puzzle is you. I am overwhelmed and emboldened by the support that the Colorado Music Festival and Center for Musical Arts continue to receive from passionate community members such as yourself. Thank you for your attendance, your support, and for your year-round engagement with the work that we do.


Elizabeth McGuire, Executive Director