Getting Started with Music Lessons and Classes at the Center for Musical Arts

We offer individual and group music lessons for all instruments and voice as well as music classes such as Jazz for Singers and Music in Motion.

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Getting Started: Beginners

If you have never played an instrument and are unsure where to begin, you are welcome at the Center for Musical Arts. Here is what you need to know:

Getting Started: Returning Students!

No matter how long it has been, we’re so glad to see you again! You can skip a few steps by filling out our Returning Student Re-Enrollment Form

Interested in seeing all that we have to offer?

There are many approaches to teaching music and places you can choose to study. We hope you will choose us because:

A Welcoming, Nurturing Environment

We strive to provide a friendly, non-competitive environment where everyone feels welcome and respected

Student-Centered Learning

Our versatile faculty can coach you to be a better shower singer or help you prep an audition for music school (and everything in between)

Instrument Bank

Our Musical Instrument Bank provides a wide variety of instruments to students who would otherwise be unable to afford them

Financial Assistance

Our Heartstrings Program helps low-income students access lessons or instruments

Participate in Ensembles

 Join ensembles such as concert/jazz bands, Coro Santuario, musical theater, and others

Musical Variety

We offer opportunities to explore different instruments or the same instrument with different teachers

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