Enhance Your Homeschooling with Music Lessons

The Center for Musical Arts loves homeschooling families!  And we know that many homeschooling families appreciate having activities outside of the house to complement and supplement your homeschool curriculum. The Center for Musical Arts offers music lessons during the day for children who are homeschooled.

No matter where or how your children learn, the Center for Musical Arts wants to support their music education and foster their love of music. We offer lessons during the school day so that homeschool families can take advantage of our facilities and expertise in a time that works for them.

Read more about our our mission to inspire a love of music in everyone!

Homeschool Music Lessons for Individuals

Has your child expressed interest in an instrument? Do you have a piano in your home? Did you play the flute, and you’d love your child to learn it, too? We offer private, individual music lessons for homeschooled children during the day.

Homeschool Music Lessons for Families

If you’re homeschooling more than one child, contact us to learn how we can offer private lessons to your entire family.

Homeschool Music Lessons for Groups

Does your family coordinate fun homeschool activities with other local homeschoolers? The Center for Musical Arts can customize our school-day music lessons for a group of families. Contact us to learn more.

Ready to Learn More about Music Lessons for Homeschool?