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Music is bursting with benefits. Find the Music in Motion class that’s right for you or your family!

Music in Motion: Babies and Toddlers

Music in Motion: Babies and Toddlers is a joyful, high-energy, music-filled early childhood music class that helps families bond and teaches young children not only fundamental music concepts, but also independence, exploration and curiosity, empathy, motor skills, fundamental music concepts, and more. Parents and caregivers actively participate in play — experience the joy of music together!

Music in Motion for Adults

There’s nothing quite like music-making to build the connections we need now more than ever. Music in Motion gives us a way to express our emotions and naturally relieves stress.

Children play drums. Music helps kids learn numbers.

Music in Motion for Kids

Music in Motion supports children’s learning and development through music, play, and connection.

What is Dalcroze?

“Dalcroze Eurhythmics is a type of music learning that involves experiencing music through your whole body in gross motor. So, whereas we usually typically learn music seated at an instrument, or at a desk with some worksheets, in Dalcroze we’re learning music theory concepts and music expressive devices through moving through a large space. Whether that’s walking with the music, or skipping, or running, or pretending that you’re a bird and flying, it involves a lot of kinesthetic activity.”
—Katie Couch, instructor

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