On March 31st, the Broadway Boomers presents a benefit concert for the OUR CENTER of Longmont, a community-based agency that assists those in need. To add a little excitement to the show, they welcome two special guest artists to their performance: Kieffer Denning and, well, me! Allow me to introduce myself: I am Allison Volk, daughter to Lisa Volk (Boomers assistant director), professional blogger and actress.

I’ll be traveling from L.A. to Lafayette this week because this concert is especially meaningful to me; besides being a benefit performance and getting to sing with Kieffer, I’m thrilled to be performing with the Broadway Boomers, who have long been part of my life since the group first formed. When my mom founded Boomers with director Faye Nepon several years ago, I got an insider’s perspective on just what it takes to start a community theater group and now, I can’t wait to join them on stage.

Meet Kieffer Denning

I have to admit, Kieffer Denning holds a special place in my heart. It’s only a very recent development that I’ve had the pleasure of calling him by his first name; you see, Kieffer (better known to his students as “Mr. Denning”) was my high school drama teacher. Under his direction, I had the opportunity to be part of several life-changing theater performances at the Alexander Dawson School (go Mustangs!) – including one of my favorites, Anything Goes.

Now it’s thanks to him that I live in Los Angeles and work professionally as an actor.

This won’t be our first performance together! In fact, Kieffer and I had a rare opportunity to work together at the end of 2014 when I brought an independent film production company to Niwot, Colorado, where we shot a modern-day film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Kieffer played Angus, a high-ranking general. What a strange and exhilarating shift to work alongside a person who has influenced my work so much!

It all comes back to friendship

Friends hold each other up, take care of each other, and comfort each other during difficult times. The OUR CENTER is the ultimate friend for the Boulder County community and it’s my pleasure to perform alongside my friend to support their efforts with this benefit performance. Join us on Tuesday evening, March 31st at the Center for Musical Arts, in celebrating and supporting Friendship through community and music!

Please CLICK HERE to get more information about the show!