Much of the quality of life in Boulder and surrounding cities can be attributed to the abundance of artists who have made a life for themselves within the community. 

Arts communities are first and foremost built by the artists themselves; their love for their work, their desire to share their passion with others, and their ability to utilize their talents in order to carve out a comfortable life for themselves in the process. You could say that a portion of the Boulder arts scene is built upon the achievements and influences of people like Mary Jungerman.  

Like many classical musicians, Mary’s daily life consists of teaching and performing. In Mary’s case, it also includes charitable acts. Mary, a founding member of the Center for Musical Arts’ board and faculty member since 1997, continues to inspire us with her generous spirit. 

Mary recently offered to donate one complimentary lesson per week for our Heartstrings program, which provides access to classes, lessons, and musical instruments at the Center to those who otherwise could not afford them. She doesn’t know which student benefits from her selfless act of kindness each week, but we know that receiving a clarinet lesson from Mary is a significant gift. 

Mary is an accomplished musician by anyone’s standards: she received Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees at the University of Houston and Doctor of Musical Arts at the CU College of Music. Mary is also an active performer on the freelance circuit and has performed with the Boulder Phil, Greeley Philharmonic, Sonora Chamber Ensemble, Tiny Tots/Inside the Orchestra, Colorado Symphony, and is even a former member of our own Colorado Music Festival Orchestra.

The Center for Musical Arts would not be what it is without Mary Jungerman. We thank her for her dedication and years of loving service.