beatlesI’ve been a musician for over 35 years and have taught guitar off and on during much of that time. The music of the Beatles has been a constant throughout and has never failed to provide enjoyment and inspiration.

As a guitarist, Beatles tunes have taught me all sorts of interesting and challenging ways to play and even think about the guitar. And it seems like the longer I’ve played, the more I keep discovering in their music.

I’ve always maintained that anyone could learn almost everything of musical value by simply studying and learning the music of the Beatles. In this ” Beatles For Guitar ” class I’ll be doing exactly that…using their music to show you all kinds of cool and essential guitar techniques, while learning some of the best music ever made.

What’s not to like..!!!

Are you feeling inspired by Larry’s love for the Beatles? Learn more about the all ages Beatles for Guitar summer class. Listen to this playlist and dream of the songs you could learn from Larry this summer.