Ruth Galloway has been teaching since 1990, working with kindergarten students, senior citizens, and everyone in between. Her earliest memories of music include hearing her mother play Chopin on the piano as she went to sleep for her afternoon nap. When she was five, she asked to be taught piano. That was the beginning of more than 60 years of learning and playing music. At age ten, Ruth began playing violin in the orchestra at school and found another instrument to love.

Ruth has performed with the Boulder Philharmonic, Longmont Symphony, CU Lyric Theater, Colorado Mahler Fest Orchestra, Boulder Sinfonia, Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra, and Sonora, and serves as an area freelance musician. BS University of Missouri-Kansas City; Ph.D. Case Western Reserve.

Ruth’s goal as a teacher is to help students learn how to play and how to play more skillfully. “It gives me pleasure to see someone master something that had been difficult for them. I’m passionate about helping them succeed and be able to enjoy playing music. When students play for me, I attempt to first mention what is positive about their playing, then encourage them to work on what is needed to improve.”

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