In this post, Marketing Director Cindy Hohman takes a look back on 25+ years of Center for Musical Arts logos to explore where our brand came from and where it’s heading next.

The Center for Musical Arts has had a number of logos over the years, from its beginnings as the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts, through when the Center merged with the Colorado Music Festival, and into its most recent 25th Anniversary logo.

In 2021 we were excited to refresh the Festival brand. Once that was complete, we set our sights on a brand refresh for the Center for Musical Arts that would visually represent its association with the Colorado Music Festival (which also uses a treble clef in its logo), but had its own unique logo and identity.

Take a look back at the all of the logos the Center has used in its 25+ year history.

Original Logo: 1996

Cindy: This was the first logo that the organization ever used, when it was first founded as the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts.


Cindy: In late 2009 the school merged with the Colorado Music Festival, and in 2010 a joint logo was created using the treble clef that we still maintain today.


Cindy: Around 2013, the school underwent a name change: the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts became simply the Center for Musical Arts, and this logo was created to reflect that change. The typeface changed to one we found more friendly, as is befitting our community music school.


Cindy: While the two organizations remain united, roughly four years ago a simplified logo was developed to allow the Center for Musical Arts to stand apart from the Colorado Music Festival.


Center for Musical Arts Special 25 Years Logo

Cindy: In 2021 the Center for Musical Arts had the good fortune to celebrate its 25th anniversary, and a celebratory flourish was added to the logo for one year.

Today: 2022

Center for Musical Arts Logo - Music Lessons and Classes in Boulder County

Cindy: Here is our brand new logo, which we believe possesses the feelings and ambitions of the Center for Musical Arts, including being musically focused while being welcoming, friendly, and fun at the same time.

This brand refresh, as we like to call it, would not have been possible without the expertise of several committed volunteers, the commitment of our staff, a talented graphic designer, and the support of the Board of Directors.

We hope you love it as much as we do!