Jackson McLellan is a musician and educator, originally from Boulder, CO. A multi-instrumentalist of eclectic taste, Jackson has performed a wide variety of music, including orchestral music, early music, British brass band, swing, avant-garde jazz, Latin jazz, rock, and American folk music. Jackson’s instruments include both modern and historical trombones, as well as guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, world percussion, tuba, analog synthesizer, and shamisen. As an educator, Jackson believes strongly in a constructivist approach, valuing musical curiosity as the central motivator for artistic discovery.

He received a BME (Bachelor of Music Education – Instrumental) from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, and later, an MM (Master of Music in Trombone Pedagogy and Performance) from CU Boulder. His master’s thesis from CU is entitled The Brass Music of Ulysses Kay: an Annotated Bibliography.

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