Elizabeth McGuire, Executive Director

The Colorado Music Festival and Center for Musical Arts family would like to express our deepest condolences to the families and businesses that were affected by recent fires.

While many of us are contributing our time and resources towards immediate and critical needs such as food, clothing, and shelter, our staff is also aware of the significant losses that have occurred within our tight-knit musical community.

In an initial survey of Center for Musical Arts families, we have learned of several who have lost homes, and of course instruments and musical accessories therein. By waiving tuition for affected students, offering our building’s practice facilities, and building upon the existing resources of our instrument bank and sheet music lending library, we hope to offer these students the much-needed respite of music. If you feel inspired to help this effort, your donations towards our Marshall Fire Relief Fund would be put to excellent use. Go to the Center’s Support page and select “Marshall Fire Fund” from the pulldown menu.

In communication with staff and partnering organizations, I am working to determine the most efficient path forward in helping serve needs beyond the Center for Musical Arts. Our current plans include coordinating a large-scale instrument donation drive, where members of the community may donate used instruments in good, playable condition to those who have lost instruments. Please look for updates and more information on these efforts as our plans evolve, share this information and connect us with anyone who may need this type of support by asking them to email our staff at info@comusic.org

While the tragedies that have befallen our community in recent years are unfathomable, I am always heartened by your incredible resilience and outpouring of community support. Thank you for inspiring us with your strength, good deeds, and generosity. I wish you all health and happiness in the new year.


Elizabeth McGuire, Executive Director
Colorado Music Festival & Center for Musical Arts