Mary Jungerman is passionate about teaching anybody, any age, any level! She has been passionate about music since joining the band in 4th grade with 29 other clarinetists. “Music inspires, consoles, challenges, expands, and generally makes life richer and lots more fun. Teaching challenges me to continually reexamine my assumptions and habits in performance and communication with diverse people in order to enable others to perform, understand, and love music as well.”

Mary tries to meet every student where they are, no matter their previous background or level of expertise may be, and to focus on how they can meet their own musical goals. “The better you play, the more fun you have!” Mary will help you reach your musical potential by attaining technical skills and continuing to improve. Her dream is to help her students become proficient at performing whatever music they wish to play, in school band or as adults, solos, duets, bands, orchestras, or chamber music.

Mary has made recordings of Native American flute; single reed instruments for healing and guided meditation; performances in hospitals and for cancer patients in the Boulder community.

BM/MM University of Houston; DMA CU-Boulder. Mary has been teaching since 1966 and performs with the Greeley Philharmonic, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, Boulder Philharmonic, and Sonora Chamber Ensemble. Mary is a founding member of “3 of 3” and a Fulbright scholar in music performance (Hanover, Germany). She speaks German and French. Mary was a member of the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra from 1978-2001.

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