Shaun Diaz works with cellists of all levels, backgrounds, and ages. Over the past 15 years, he has been nurturing the unique musical spark in others and helping guide cellists from all walks of life. He is inspired by a wide range of musical styles and genres and loves to explore the interconnectedness in all music. He believes that everybody has the capacity to tap into a deep well of creativity within themselves and discover their own unique musical voice and loves to meet new students and help unlock their creativity and expression.

We are living in a new era for cellists all over the world. With the ever-expanding repertoire, the limitations of sticking to only one genre or mode of learning have broken down. Shaun’s years of classical training and study have allowed him to adapt functional cello technique to a broad range of genres and approaches to learning the instrument and restore a sense of freedom that is so vital to the learning process.

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